nickie godfreyNICKIE GODFREY, L.M.F.T.

Bringing Balance Back to Your Life

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Services Provided by Nickie Godfrey

“We will experience what’s happening NOW, instead of spending time blaming your mother.”

Set an Appointment for Counseling and Therapy

  • Individual psychotherapy for adults and teens
  • Conjoint couples counseling - for premarital, marital, separation, or divorce
  • Conjoint family sessions - for parents and/or adult children
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Clinical consultations for mental health and allied professionals

In group sessions there is the opportunity to relate and connect with others to reduce any sense of isolation. All psychotherapy sessions are personalized and allow clients to delve more deeply into coping, restoring and creating more balance in their lives.

Support Groups

IT AIN’T LIKE WHEN THEY WERE little-PARENTING ADULT CHILDRENgroup meeting. Periodic time-limited psycho-educational groups, or can be offered as a one time presentation. Contact me for the next available date.

In group, parents can connect with one another as we focus on specific topics (money, college, weddings "boomerang kids", grand parenting) at each meeting. For more information please see Parenting Adult Children.

For Therapists

“Putting it Back Together – Crisis and Trauma Clinicians Consultation Group” Meets monthly, Third Wednesday, 9:00 to 10:30a.m.

This group supports therapists in managing the demands of crisis and trauma work and helps prevent secondary trauma and compassion fatigue. We will work through clinical "stuck places," expand skills, and process personal reactions to crisis and trauma work. These meetings focus on self-care and the prevention of therapist burnout.

Presentations / Workshops

Events to educate and share methods, sometimes offering Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Presentations include:

"Therapy a Step Deeper - Your Psyche in the Client’s Hour" For pre-licensed therapists, periodic, one-day experiential workshop. Expand the way you relate to yourself, others and your clients for greater therapeutic impact. This is a one day experiential process group to focus on your reactions to clients and how to manage the stresses of supervision and being a new therapist.

"Beyond the Empty Chair - An Experiential Introduction to Gestalt Therapy" An experiential workshop for therapists. empty chairsMost therapists had one or two days of introduction to gestalt therapy in graduate school and tend to only remember the “empty chair” exercise. The focus of these workshops will be geared towards helping participants to understand gestalt therapy theory, explore more deeply the interactive and healing client/therapist relational approach and experience the holistic present-centered and creative techniques of this useful way of thinking and working.

Corporate Training and Workshops

Nickie works with Human Resources Departments and Employee Assistance Professionals (EAPs) giving consultations, trainings and workshops. Topics she’s presented include: “Managing Stress and Burnout”; “Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace”; “Psychological First Aid”. Of recent and growing interest is “Parenting Adult Children- Issues in the Workplace”: Exploring the dillema that parenting ends when the “kids” are chronologically adult vs. the reality that parents often end up with more complicated situations that require expanded awareness and different thinking. Employers are noticing that these issues are affecting the workplace performance of some of these parents, especially stressors created by an adult child’s “failure to launch”, “boomerang kids”, and “parental alienation”. In these presentations, we will identify transition markers, reframe “parenting” concepts, and address the separation issues for both the parents and their adult children.

Crisis Response

Nickie independently contracts with companies hired by corporate Human Resources Departments to provide Psychological First Aid, or Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) where there has been an employee death, robbery, job layoff, etc. “Debriefing” and “defusing” techniques are used to enable staff to address stressors, mitigate the possible formation of “post traumatic stress disorder” (PTSD) in order to restore optimal functioning to the work at hand.

Nickie also works with other crisis responders to prevent “secondary” or “vicarious trauma” and “compassion fatigue.” She serves as a co-chair of the Post Action Outreach Committee of the local chapter of her professional organization’s Crisis Response Network. In addition she serves on the Mental Health team of the American Red Cross Los Angeles, assisting with large scale disaster response and post action outreach to other crisis responders.